Art poetry

Signs of Disorder

the new season
eats us
with raw uncertainty
even this weather
has us guessing
night’s frost a riddle

chancing upon a newspaper
a little bit of history
between the fullstops
lives collapse and transform
nations turn upon themselves
jobs are lost
wars won
and all our dreams made homeless

everywhere there are signs
of disorder
the streets are no longer clean
we cannot permit oursleves
a fleeting yearning
or despair in this winter
of our politics
but tell me
how do they expect us to forget?

By Red Balloon

I am a chronically ill queer artist and writer. I have a number of degrees in higher education and have spent most of my life interested and active in social movements against racism, militarism, misogyny and homophobia. Over the course of my life, I have worked in the world of alternate news, translation, law, teaching, and with progressive cultures, music, poetry, performers, and artists. I speak and understand a few languages and plan to share media in them on this blog. I am a poetry, art, music, and nature lover with an especial fondness for cats!

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