Tallahassee, USA, Drive Through COVID19 Testing

They told us to stay inside

From the virus we must hide.

But where’d it come from? Why’s it here?

Is it agrotech like some fear?

Wet Market, China, Global News, March 2020

Or could it be a bio-tool 

Designed to cull the most uncool?

Fort Detrick , Bioweapons and technology Lab, USA,

Don’t come near me, I might scream,

Worse than any Hitchockian screen.

Could it be the Truman show, where we’re being set up 

And someone gloats?

Wuhan, Business Insider, March 15, 2020

You see, the mind goes round and round

For an answer must be found.

This is the age of man eat man,

Profits flowing to some male hands.

The Guardian, Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein,

Am i anxious, doctor? Well, a bit,

My system’s already taken a hit.

If the virus were my crown

I’d be so afraid it’d take me down.


 And so, the anxious age arrives

Medieval fears and four wheel drives

Some may call it Anthropocene

But it feels like a Xanaxocene.

London, Empty, AFP, March 18, 2020

Spain Deserted, March 16, 2020


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gouranga says:

    My dreams are anxious/To allay those I can do little/Since they vanish being brittle/Unlike the virus, quite ferocious.


  2. Gouranga says:

    That line about fondness for cats spoilt it all. my nephew’s cat from the next door flat chewed up my bedcover and forced me to keep many windows shut.


    1. Red Balloon says:

      sorry, i do love them!


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