The Heart of Winter

We’re in the heart of winter, with dark days, blizzardy conditions occasionally, and slushy, slippery streets. It’s hard to muster up excitement to go for a walk and there’s very little to do if you don’t have loads of money.  It’s even hard to think about my blog or plan what to write about next, as there are so many things happening around the world, … Continue reading The Heart of Winter

A Walk in the Park

We went to the park the other day. Storing up the sunshine of these beautiful days while we can, like squirrels with their nuts. The ups and downs of the meadows and trees, the glint of the sun on the tiny river and all around, little inhabitants of our world, scurrying to save stores for a cold winter. The park was full of scampering feet … Continue reading A Walk in the Park

Denial is Not a Policy! Climate Strike 2019

Today I marched in the climate strike with millions of people around the world. I marched because I breathe, eat, need water, have increasing love and appreciation for the natural world, and hold the lives of the world’s citizens in the highest regard. I have been appalled and sickened by the astronomical levels of pollution and contamination plaguing the lives of loved ones and strangers … Continue reading Denial is Not a Policy! Climate Strike 2019


SNOWSCAPE The landscape is still-born Birth  of winter brings blood to the snow someone is not walking but standing awkward space the corner of December Breaths are frozen leaving the pale orifices of mouths  as though they were not inanimate  Moving  away fleeing the refuge of bodies And someone wanting the comfort  of another thinks how people like trees are never fully reborn Snowscape, Kaushalya … Continue reading Snowscape