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Traveller’s Lament

I used to love the roads as well as blood loves vein fleeing from running to the geographies of other maps where my race charted like a cartographer’s fantasy finds itself obscured by the deviance of our desire in all my darkness i have never lost the way nor forgotten the words of this lamentation Global Warning A motorcycle revs up the evening somewhere a … Continue reading Traveller’s Lament

I Wanted to Write a Dyke

KAUSHALYA BANNERJI I wanted to write a dyke poem in your face rhetorical a poem unbound angry as my curves aching as the words you never see me throw I wanted to write a dyke poem struttingjeans ungirdled fists that caress like fingers a poem as inspiring as Bonnie as Thelma and Louise as defiant as Lila and Urmila as erased by your herstory as Malinche and … Continue reading I Wanted to Write a Dyke