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Polar Vortex Haiku!

I’ve joined the Haiku Challenge from RonovanWrites again this week! The words for this week’s challenge were “teeth” and “bite”. Wintery words for me! Went for a drive and saw pristine winter landscapes in the middle of a cold snap.Like so many, I was fascinated by the light. But the bone chilling cold bites hard! winter bites me hard  bones and joints bare teeth even … Continue reading Polar Vortex Haiku!

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A Child’s Christmas in Cuba: Grandfather’s Kingdom

Today, I’ve chosen a child’s memory of Christmases past, not in Wales, but in Cuba. Daughter of poet Eliseo Diego, Josefina de Diego’s prose poem, El Reino del Abuelo/Grandfather’s Kingdom, is a gentle and melancholic look back at Christmas time in a house full of inquisitive children, and adults immersed in the literary and musical worlds of Cuba in the 1950s, just before the Revolution.I’ve … Continue reading A Child’s Christmas in Cuba: Grandfather’s Kingdom

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Solstice 2020

Today marks the shortest daylight in our hemisphere, and the arrival of winter’s official season. But as of tomorrow, the days will lengthen again imperceptibly, and for those of us who need the light, like morning glories or sunflowers, hope will gradually be born anew. Indigenous and pagan peoples celebrated and celebrate the energies and magic of this day when the darkness must be propitiated … Continue reading Solstice 2020

The Heart of Winter

We’re in the heart of winter, with dark days, blizzardy conditions occasionally, and slushy, slippery streets. It’s hard to muster up excitement to go for a walk and there’s very little to do if you don’t have loads of money.  It’s even hard to think about my blog or plan what to write about next, as there are so many things happening around the world, … Continue reading The Heart of Winter


SNOWSCAPE The landscape is still-born Birth  of winter brings blood to the snow someone is not walking but standing awkward space the corner of December Breaths are frozen leaving the pale orifices of mouths  as though they were not inanimate  Moving  away fleeing the refuge of bodies And someone wanting the comfort  of another thinks how people like trees are never fully reborn Snowscape, Kaushalya … Continue reading Snowscape