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The Heart of Winter

Night fall, Kaushalya Bannerji, 2020

We’re in the heart of winter, with dark days, blizzardy conditions occasionally, and slushy, slippery streets. It’s hard to muster up excitement to go for a walk and there’s very little to do if you don’t have loads of money. 

Evening Cat, Kaushalya Bannerji, 2020

It’s even hard to think about my blog or plan what to write about next, as there are so many things happening around the world, both on the climate crisis and politico-economic fronts

I’m longing for the ocean, the sun, the mountains, flowers, foliage, being able to go for a nice walk. I’m yearning not to have to wear layers of clothes— thermals, jeans, warm socks, boots, mittens, hats, scarves, winter parkas! It takes a few minutes to get ready when coming in and out these days, in contrast to the carefree slipping on and off of sandals in the warmth. 

The Moon and the Mermaid, Kaushalya Bannerji, 2020

Sitting in a Canadian winter, it’s hard to imagine the searing heat that gripped Australia in recent days, the flames scorching plants and animals, killing people, and costing an untold price, as “fossil fools” make policy choices oblivious to the suffering of the fiery land and desperate people. Meanwhile Indonesia has been grappling with floods and earthquakes over the last while. Closer to home, Newfoundland experienced a record-setting snowfall and winter hurricane conditions. 

Scientists are alerting us to the inevitable planetary chaos that will follow the last century’s industrialization and this century’s reliance on electronic technology as the impact of 5G on the human/natural world has yet to be understood.  Existing cell-phone technology has already impacted both people and animals. 

Survival, Kaushalya Bannerji, 2020

It’s a good time to look for distractions. Drawing is certainly one. I’ve added my drawings of the ocean— always a source of amazement and delight— as well as the wintry landscapes that engender that desire to flee to warmer climes! Sometimes, I glimpse a winter sunset, with it’s  pinks and purples and blues, so different from the red, pink, and gold of summer twilights.

Winter Sunset, Kaushalya Bannerji, 2020

But what I really miss is the sun and the warmth of early summer or late spring, the long days and sunny evenings. I hope the rest of the winter will speed by quickly, so we can enjoy the scent of flowers  and the  bright colours of  spring flowers.

Colour Bath, Kaushalya Bannerji, 2020

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The landscape is still-born

Birth  of winter brings blood

to the snow

someone is not walking

but standing

awkward space

the corner of December

Fox turns the corner, Kaushalya Bannerji

Breaths are frozen

leaving the pale orifices of mouths 

as though they were not inanimate 

Moving  away

fleeing the refuge of bodies

Swans, Mill pond. Kaushalya Bannerji, 2019
Crow in winter , Kaushalya Bannerji, 2018

And someone wanting the comfort 

of another


how people like trees

are never fully reborn

Night blizzard, Kaushalya Bannerji, 2019

Snowscape, Kaushalya Bannerji , Copyright 1993

English Chamber Orchestra; Leonard Slatkin; José Luis Garcia