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Poetry for the Peeps! Adam Zagajewski

I’ve been away from the blog for nearly a month this time. I’ve been grappling with flares of chronic health issues and also been feeling somewhat disheartened by the announcement of a surge of covid-19 patients where I live, the increasing shuttering of small businesses, the business as usual approach of capitalist warlords, the rise of tent cities in the parks around me and an … Continue reading Poetry for the Peeps! Adam Zagajewski

Dirge for Amerikkka (Panic Attack Remix)

black child goes out into the day mother’s afraid for him today he brings the only skin he’s got while a white cop fires the final shot to take it all away i can’t breathe brown woman goes to work white boss tries to force her with just one phone call to someone who he’s sure will deport her some wonder why some are afraid … Continue reading Dirge for Amerikkka (Panic Attack Remix)

The Dollar Store Poem

1. AnthroApocology Safari suit clad fascist with microscope and coolies enters the Temple of Doom At his shoulder, Harrison, in those  Fordlike soundbytes Urging urging him on Amen Father Son and Holy Cow 2.  General Motors stares back at me From every shop-window his silver dollar and medals swinging to a marching oompah pah oompah pah Military throbbing back at me Expose skin Agent Orange … Continue reading The Dollar Store Poem